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Hi, i'm Sanjay Jogani

Motivational Speaker
Leadership Coach
Entrepreneur founder
SJ Impact Learning

SSanjay Jogani is a Motivational Speaker & an Inspirational Trainer. He specializes in evolving Young minds.
He firmly believes, that “Youth” are the future resource of any Country. And to keep them ignited, they need to be constantly motivated & inspired from within.
Having interacted with the youth all over the country, covering various strata of Social structure, he is the best trainer to help them realize their innate potential to achieve higher growth.
An honors graduate in Physics, and connected with Earthmoving & mining industry for more than 2 decades, created an opportunity for him to travel across length & breadth of the Country & also overseas. A rich valuable experience thus has been gathered to be shared during the course of various training modules.
Having an experience of nearly 2 decades in the field of education, and heading a couple of institution in the role of head & the mentor, he is the most suited to transform youth lives. He has led the team of 70 volunteers to create a learning experience for 500+ participants, exposing them to various life skills in a span of 3 days.
His main interest lies in bringing about the change in the minds, when they are raw, moldable & more receptive.
Sanjay’s training sessions are always on fire with highly energized young brigade ready to participate with all their passion & zeal. He gives them the environment to match their energy levels, where this charged up energy flow can be rightly channelized to emerge better & much improved version of self.
He is a certified corporate trainer from the prestigious institution, IATD.